Prospective students get a taste of campus life and explore study tracks on the University’s second open day this year.

Tel Aviv University hosted its undergraduate Open Day, drawing in thousands of prospective students. The event provided valuable insights into admission requirements, application processes, and the opportunity to interact with faculty members and current students across various disciplines.

The curious participants were treated to a memorable experience, including guided tours exploring faculty buildings, laboratories, and even the renowned Entrepreneurship Center, immersing themselves in the vibrant academic atmoshphere that defines Tel Aviv University.


Tel Aviv University’s Open Day included guided tours to faculties, laboratories and more (photo: Chen Galili)

The Open Day featured an array of captivating activities, with particular interest in a hands-on workshop that simulated the creation of a startup at the Entrepreneurship Center. Additionally, the Dean of Students organized a lecture on selecting a field of study, while an introductory session showcased a groundbreaking program integrating data science and AI into nearly every degree. 


Tel Aviv University’s Curiosity Lab (Photo: Chen Galili)

Prospective students had the chance to explore the wide range of study abroad options available at Tel Aviv University through dedicated student exchange coordinators, further enhancing the University’s global outlook. 

Sharon Ariel, Marketing Director at Tel Aviv University, emphasized the importance of providing an immersive campus experience to prospective students: “Our goal was to enable prospective students to fully engage with our study programs, interact with current students, observe cutting-edge research in labs, and receive guidance from faculty and administrative staff regarding different study options. By stepping into the shoes of our students for a day, we hoped to inspire them to embark on their educational journeys at Tel Aviv University. I encourage those considering enrollment in October to act swiftly, as registration for many programs will soon close.”


Prospective students interact with current students (photo: Chen Galili)

It was a pleasure to host everyone on our beautiful campus. We hope we will have the privilege of helping them start their journeys in pursuit of the unknown.

Missed the Open Day?

For comprehensive information on admission requirements for the various programs, please visit our registration website (available in Hebrew) or access the English version here


Prospective students receive guidance from faculty and administrative staff (photo: Chen Galili)