TAU introduces two new English-taught MSc degrees: Biomedical Engineering and Environmental Engineering.

Are you intrigued by the prospect of developing organs on a chip or addressing water contamination challenges? Look no further! In the upcoming academic year, Tel Aviv University (TAU) is introducing two groundbreaking MSc degrees: Biomedical Engineering and Environmental Engineering

The programs welcome aspiring engineers and environmental enthusiasts, promising a unique fusion of research, innovation, and career prospects. Conducted entirely in English, these two-year programs extend full support to international students through the dedicated Lowy International Student Life team.



“These programs are a golden opportunity for Engineering or exact science majors keen on studying Biomedical or Environmental Engineering in the start-up nation,” comments Brian Rosen, Vice Dean for International Affairs in the Faculty of Engineering.

“TAU is one of the world’s most innovative universities and largest producers of unicorn startup founders.”—Brian Rosen, Vice Dean for International Affairs in the Faculty of Engineering.

Exceptional students in the research track may qualify for several types of scholarships. 

Delve into the Future with Biomedical Engineering 

Biomedical engineering is a rapidly evolving field, and TAU’s MSc program immerses students in this dynamic domain. Spanning disciplines such as mathematics, data science, AI, electronics, mechanics, physics, biology, and physiology, the program equips clinicians with advanced tools for precise and non-invasive diagnosis and improved biomedical devices.

“The Department of Biomedical is listed in the top 150 BME departments in the world, and the fact that more than 10 hospitals are affiliated to TAU ensures a swift translation of research into clinical practice,”—Professor Ben Maoz, the head of the Biomedical Engineering MSc program.

Tissue engineering is just one of such pivotal tools aiding researchers in understanding human physiology and facilitating drug development.


Professor Ben Maoz, Department of Bio-Medical Engineering, the head of the Biomedical Engineering MSc program

Within this program, students can explore nine primary research areas, from biofluids and biomechanics to computational and systems biology. Working closely with a research advisor from the lab faculty, students also have the option to transition to a PhD track after the first year.

Environmental Engineering for a Sustainable Future 

If you’re an engineer passionate about tackling environmental challenges, this MSc program in Environmental Engineering program is tailored for you. Join the program and become an engineer who makes a difference in the future of our planet.

During your studies, you will be able to dive into fields such as water purification technologies, renewable energy, desalination, microplastics, nanotechnologies, air quality improvement, and more. 

Professor Hadas Mamane, School of Mechanical Engineering, head of MSc in Environmental Engineering

Professor Hadas Mamane, the program head, assigns great importance to hands-on experience from day one: 

“Our students collaborate in TAU’s extensive research labs with leading scientists and participate in industrial internships with leading companies.” 

Ranked as the top Environmental Engineering program in Israel (2023 Shanghai Ranking), the program emphasizes both technological and practical learning from industry professionals and the development of interdisciplinary skills.

Graduates are prepared for diverse career paths, extending beyond environmental engineering to roles in AI data companies focused on sustainability, government, tech firms, utility companies, NGOs, academia, and green startups.


Dr Ines Zucker and her students

Whether immersing yourself in the intricacies of biomedical engineering or contributing to environmental solutions, these two new graduate programs at TAU promise a unique blend of academic rigor, practical application, and a pathway to diverse and impactful career opportunities. Embark on an educational journey that not only expands your knowledge but also positions you at the forefront of innovation in your chosen field.

International admissions are now open, and you can submit your application online to seize these exciting opportunities for academic and professional growth. Join TAU in shaping the future of biomedical engineering and environmental solutions!